For the better part of the 20th century Spain's European neighbours received the majority of attention for cutting edge design and fashion.  The love affair of all things beautiful in countries such as France and Italy dominated the international scene while products "Made in Spain” simply lacked that same sparkle.  It wasn´t until the 80s during Spain's cultural re-emergence that the country started to gain notoriety. 

By the time the 90´s hit, Spain's international existence as a powerhouse of quality, beauty and outstanding design was unquestionable.  With a fresh, modern take and bright approach, the products, artists and artisans alike, each representing a different note of the rich Spanish culture, hit the international scene with a bang. Today this mix of old and new, country and city continues to thrive!

The most obvious company that springs to mind when one hears this history is Inditex. One of the world’s largest fashion and home design companies, it has come a long way from its humble origins in a Galician workshop.  Today Inditex has a presence in all 5 continents with the likes of Zara and Massimo Dutti now house hold names.

Although this is a wonderful story we are not here to talk about what every body knows rather a few favourites that everyone should know.  We hope you enjoy our hand picked "Made in Spain” number ones.


Taking it´s name from the bronze age kingdom of Tartessos in Southern Spain, this culture was known for their early advancements in crafting exquisite jewellery and treasures.  Needless to say TARTESIA has followed in their footsteps creating timeless jewellery with a Spanish soul yet international appeal.  Tartesia DEIA Living

Drawing their inspiration from Spanish architecture and the Southern lifestyle the company offers unique contemporary designs for women of all ages.  The products are crafted by artisans both in Madrid and Cordoba, a city globally renowned for its jewellery craft.  TARTESIA´S designs are based on folktales of generations past.  One of our favourites is the lattice design in the Galiana Collection.  The tale behind the design is that of star crossed lovers who were doomed to only be able to sing to each other through the lattice of an Andalusian palace, never to see each others faces.  If you´re a romantic at heart and a lover of jewellery we recommend having a look at the Tartesia site, you won´t be disappointed!  

Tartesia DEIA Living

From golden necklaces to things that cover your feet!  A long time tradition in Spain, esparteñas, commonly known as espadrills outside the country, are a great way to get around in summer.  Simple in design yet oh so very comfortable, these traditional shoes are back in vogue big time with a variety of companies offering twists on the original.


In our view however “if it aint broke, don´t fix it!!” and that´s why we love Alohas Sandals.  Based out of Barcelona, co-founder and designer Belén Hostalet Tribaldos has created an amazing product sticking with the simplicity which made espadrills so popular in the first place.  From the most common design (a canvas upper and staw base) to the all leather menorquinas, all of ALOHAS SANDALS are designed in Barcelona and made by Spanish artisans.


With a Mediterranean style, these shoes are no longer isolated to the hot summers of the Iberian Peninsula.  Nowadays feet around the globe can embrace the comfort and elegance these shoes bring to any wardrobe!  An extra added perk of ALOHAS SANDALS is the fact the company is environmentally conscious.  For every pair sold part of the profit goes towards their sustainable living program “STEP BY STEP”.   So, check out their site, buy some shoes and help the environment

From shoes we go to the Southern Spanish tradition of making plates and bowels from terracotta.  Although our pick does not use the traditional terracotta, the more refined products created by Madrid based artists Andrea Zarraluqui take this art to a new level.

DEIA Living Andrea Zarraluqui

The essence of Andrea´s products that we love so much is that no one plate is the same.  In a world of uniformity the fact that each brush stroke creates a different effect makes these collections more special and interesting.  By simply looking at the plates you can tell the amount of attention to detail, time and love that goes into each and everyone of her creations.  

Andrea Zarraluqui DEIA Living

An added plus is that if you have something in mind for you or a loved one you can commission it and Andrea will do the rest!  We recommend checking out her Instagram page to see the marvels that she creates!  Her plates are so beautiful you´ll want to hang them to admire, not use them on the table!!!

Based out of Madrid having both a Street presence in Chueca and an online store, Pinkoco is more than just a brand, it´s a concept and lifestyle.  The company is dedicated to provide the most beautiful and best quality fashion, interior design and beauty products in the market.  Owner and Designer Peiro Furia has created bright youthful products for all generations and all styled homes.  His Italian heritage adds an extra “je ne sais quoi” to the items in store.

Pinkoco DEIA Living

Some of our favourites are the Bolso Aquarium bag and the Pinkoco Bath Salts as well as the Butterfly Bell and the Pinkoco Hour Glass ....the list could go on and on!

If passing through Madrid on holidays this summer we recommend visiting the store as it´s such a beautiful environment to be in, not to mention every Thursday evening the shop turns into a bar... you may just find yourself not wanting to leave!  If you´re unable to make it physically instore, the collections are available on their webstore but to get a full appreciation of the “World of Pinkoco” we suggest checking them out on Instagram.

Pinkoco DEIA Living

And so, that´s it, a few of our favourites which we hope you´ve enjoyed!  

What is obvious is that Spain will only gain more international traction in the world of fashion, design and lifestyle so keep an eye out for anything coming from this crazy country as you´ll surely be pleasantly surprised!