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The Ultimate Ritual for the Perfect Night’s Sleep

Want to make your dreams come true again? Whether or not you get a good night’s sleep can have a huge impact on how you feel for the rest of the day. Your mood, productivity, energy and concentration levels go hand in hand with the amount and the quality of sleep you have the night before. If you’re having trouble getting a pleasant and reinvigorating sleep, or would like to try to make the most out of your rest time, check out the following tips to help your body recharge and wake up feeling more aware, productive, fulfilled and energetic.

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DEIA Living at the Sydney AGHA Gift Fair 2017

The start of 2017 has seen a big change for us at DEIA Living as we´ve moved from selling solely online to hitting the wholesale market at our big debut at the Sydney AGHA Trade Fair in February.  Needless to say we´re thrilled with how the show went and so so happy with all the interest we received in our bed and bath ranges.Read More

On the first day of christmas

And once again it´s that time of year!  Who can believe we´re already at the 1st of December and the arrival of the jolly fat guy a is matter of weeks away?!?

To make it easier for you this christmas we´re giving a 10% discount on all products in store when you enter code XMASAMIGOS in the cart so take a look at our summer Christmas specials for under the tree!!

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Summer is coming.... don´t miss out!

Each season we indulge our desire of self expression by freshening our wardrobes in anticipation of the coming warmer or cooler months.   This is something all women enjoy and it doesn´t need to break the bank if you purchase wisely.  Like with a wardrobe, a new season is a great excuse to freshen the look of your home.   Although every year it isn´t possible to do the whole house in our opinion a great starting point is the bedroom....  
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Share & WIN

At DEIA Living we would love all bedrooms to wear bedding to gaurantee a satisfying sleep every night!  And, as we feel the best moments happen in bed, ontop or below the sheets, we want to give you the opportunity to win a set of our sheets to enjoy the quality of DEIA Living products.
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